Monday, November 10, 2008

Making a Splash

Finished early at work today as I had my children's school open evening to attend, weather was miserable and arriving back to my car I was greeted with the above scene. Having left my scuba equipment at the dry cleaners I had to wade through the water and climb into my car soaked. Arrived at the school to be informed by their mother that she had to be elsewhere and for me to update her on the outcome of my discussion with the teachers.

The organisation at the school was questionable as I had no idea what was going on with the schedule and seating plan. Ended up walking back and forth as the teachers I was scheduled to see were both running late. Eventually I got to see the teachers and both spoke highly of the work that the children were doing and the progress they were making. There were points for me to take on in supporting them at home which was very beneficial. I also queried a mailing list that I recently signed up for with my sons teacher, I have a feeling my email address must have been a running joke with the staff she knew it and blushed.

If you have me as a Live Messenger contact you will know that it's not the most practical hence the eventual need for a GMail account. To celebrate the achievements of both children we headed back to B&Q car park to round off the night with some aquaplaning in the car! :)