Sunday, November 09, 2008

Can I Have This Dance

BirthdayImage by joedawson via FlickrYesterday went really well, we arrived at the party venue later than expected as we had to wait in the car as finishing touches were added to the hall and for people to arrive. My daughter was beaming when we made our entrance and my usually over confident son took it upon himself to hide away out of view.

I felt awkward at first as I was surrounded by her family and also their mother's partner and relatives. After speaking to the Grandfather for a while I switched into party mode and tried to assist the DJ with organising the children.

My family and friends eventually arrived excluding those working and my youngest sister who was returning home from a short break in Barcelona with her boyfriend. With the party in full swing it was good to catch up with people I hadn't seen in ages and also speak with their children who are also growing fast.

Speaking with one of the boys about his plans he informed me that he wants to be a fireman or a footballer when he grows up. I asked about his younger brother and he told me that he was hoping to be an ice cream man when he leaves school. Quality!

I got involved more with helping the DJ and keeping chaos to a minimum, pass-the-parcel, karaoke and musical bumps all kept the children focused. My reward at the end was to be asked if I had worked with children before, apparently I am a natural! The highlight of the party for me was my daughter blowing out the candles on the cake as she looked so happy. You can catch up on all of the pictures from the big day on Flickr.

After the party my daughter was having a few friends stay, I originally had made plans for them to come back to mine for a fireworks display and bonfire. Their mother wanted to spend some time with her on her birthday instead though which I can understand. My son in the knowledge that we were going to be having a fire wasn't even contemplating going home and he came back with me. We picked up my partner and baby on the way and then set about burning the set of Frock Me in the garden and competing with our neighbour with their private display. I think we slightly edged it with one of the fireworks we had, I will try and get some footage online at some point :)

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