Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let there be light

iTunes includes many visualizers. Shown here i...Image via WikipediaYesterday I came across an article on Mashable about how to convert your blog into a Podcast on iTunes for free. This is where I have wanted to move onto for a while because I enjoy listening to them and would like to push myself into that form of content distribution.

The setback so far in taking my activity to that level has been the lack of decent equipment. I don't have a microphone and neither do I have a camera of any real quality. Why a camera? Well the next level isn't just soundbytes but I want to be able to upload video and distribute regular updates on sites like Seesmic, 12 Seconds etc. Just viewing my DailyMugshot profile you can see that both of the camera's that I use provide a grainy quality image. Anyway until I am in a position to build a mini-studio I am now able to bring my blog to your .mp3 player courtesy of iTunes. Just click on the Odiogo button located in the right side bar to subscribe to my blog in audio format :)

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