Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep it real

The above image isn't real - however much I would like it to be for the sake of my ego - instead it's created using a site I came across earlier today PhotoFunia. Photofunia is easy to use and within seconds of uploading your photo the end result is available for you to download. There are lots of templates available, my personal favourite is the one I have added above although there are a few that could be in contention as profile material.

Tonight I have my children staying as there mother is going to watch 'voice-of-this-generation' Kanye West at the O2 and won't be home until late. I must admit I am jealous as I rate Kanye highly and I am enjoying his new material which I have been listening to via The Hype Machine. If you enjoy listening to music, remixes and mash-ups then The Hype Machine is just the site. With integration with the site is an essential especially if you are looking for a twist on the current releases. One Kanye performance I would like to have been in attendance is his debut of Love Lockdown at the MTV Video Music Awards. Very impressive! Sound responsive clothing FTW!

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