Friday, November 14, 2008

She Bangs the Drums

Apple Store in the Twin Cities, MNImage by ahhyeah via FlickrDisappointing start to the weekend, it's like history repeating, on different pages and likely different paths. As I stated yesterday regarding needing some thinking time I plan on putting this time to use with plotting out my future as well as reading through a book on programming language. My son isn't well at the moment so I don't think that I will be taking him football tomorrow but my daughter seems to be full of energy.

She got a mobile phone for her birthday, so I get a call everyday now with her giving me an update on what she has been up to during the day. It's a sign of the times that children at the age of eight are embracing the technology available to them and looking to communicate. I love it as it gives me a direct route to her and she can also update me when there is anything I need to know! Up next, not sure as she doesn't own an Apple product yet that will bring her a step closer to being a true tech geek lover like her Father ;)
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