Sunday, March 01, 2009

Do Not Pass Go

Motion blurImage by Lijo Jose | ലിജോ ജോസ് via Flickr

I work in the financial/banking sector, I know what you are thinking, this month I received my performance related bonus based on my work over the last twelve months. Any other year I would be brimming with anticipation to purchase the latest gadgets, securing another tattoo and eager to treat my family to a vacation.

Not this year as with the global recession I have found that instead of extravagant purchases I am reluctant to spend. I would like to think that my job is secure but who could have predicted what has occurred over the last few months.

This afternoon I headed into Central London with my partner and baby and we browsed around the stores, had an enjoyable meal and then the inevitable disagreement. It's disappointing but there are obviously many people in the same situation facing similar financial hardships. Since the petrol prices reached peak last year I have adopted a more cautious approach to spending. The inflated price made driving a chore as refueling became an almost daily occurrence. Thankfully a level of normality has been restored but I have noticed that petrol prices are slowly edging upwards again. I'm not on the road at the moment as my vehicle is experiencing problems with the clutch but should hopefully be back driving again over the next few days.
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