Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Third Coming

iPhone OS 3.0Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

The third coming as it was billed and today Apple presented the blueprint for iPhone OS 3.0, the next version of the world’s most advanced mobile platform.

The iPhone has definitely proved to be a popular handset and has changed the way that I communicate through the Internet. An evening with my partner consists with us regularly checking online with the handset for the latest news and updates. The functionality available assists with many daily tasks, with the App Store providing access to many useful and productive tools.

So what's next on the agenda?

The Inquisitr have a quick and simple list of the most noteworthy new features which include:

• Full landscape keyboard support across all key applications.

• Cut, copy, and paste! Works between applications.

• MMS support, along with added ability to forward and delete individual or groups of messages.

• Push notification support.

• Integrated option to mail multiple photos straight from a photo album.

• Note synchronization. iPhone notes will be able to be synched up with Macs or PCs through iTunes.

• Shake-to-shuffle music playing support (a la iPod Nano).

• Wi-Fi auto login.

• Stereo Bluetooth support.

• Overall enhanced Bluetooth capability. Will now be able to connect to someone else via Bluetooth and transmit contact info, play games, or share any other kind of information.

• YouTube account support.

• Auto-fill support.

• New global phone search, called Spotlight. Located to the left of the first page (you’ll finger-flick left to find it). Will allow you to search everything on your phone.

• Expanded Stocks app with news headlines and detailed market info.

• Added support for CalDAV and .ics subscriptions with Calendar app.

• New Voice Memos application that lets you easily record and share voice notes to yourself.

• Native Meebo IM support.

• A thousand updates to the developer SDK, including support for in-app e-mail, proximity sensor, streaming audio and video, shake API, and more. Details for programmers here.

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