Thursday, March 05, 2009

Was That It

LONDON - MARCH 05:  Michael Jackson gestures a...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

This evening I had to rectify an issue that I mentioned earlier in the week regarding a software migration. Applying the fix wasn't difficult but time was a factor because the resolution required a considerable amount due to uninstall/reinstalling the software. For the majority of the time I was alone although some colleagues assisted for the early stages.

Thankfully there was a television available for company with the latest stories from Sky The Facebook updates I wrote about yesterday were mentioned with the comparisons to Twitter being discussed. Both social networking sites are receiving lots of press coverage at the moment and not just across the blogosphere either as the mainstream media has caught the buzz. The Shortlist magazine available on Thursday also had a front page feature with the title How Twitter Took Over The World.

The Facebook/Twitter story only featured briefly to be fair as the majority of the coverage was about Michael Jackson announcing dates at the O2. The tag line for the tour 'This Is It' with the dates apparently being his final curtain call and last in London. The press conference was what you would have expected from the self titled King of Pop. Whatever the opinion of Michael Jackson there is no questioning his incredible career and music which span several decades. Check out the footage below -

I found the press conference unique and it made the time pass quicker. I admit I would like to attend one of the shows but I am sure that tickets for the concert will be difficult to secure considering the demand.

What do you make of the press conference? Are you planning on attending one of the shows this summer? And most importantly how should I upgrade the software in future :)

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