Thursday, March 19, 2009

Google Street View Launches In The UK

Where's Waldo in Google Maps?Image by Si1very via Flickr

Google has launched the UK version of Street View, allowing users to browse pictures taken down city streets. Google Maps users can zoom in to any given location and drag the "Pegman" icon to the desired location and view the area.

The images are impressive and as you would expect from Google there are a few easter eggs hidden away. Where's Wally outside the O2 store on Putney High Street for example is already proving to be popular! And there's demonic happenings above the M16 building on Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Street View has arrived here in the UK at long last, and Google have given us imagery in many parts of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Additionally, Street View is now available in the Netherlands for the first time, and while they were at it, Google has added several new cities in France and Spain! - Google Sightseeing [Source]

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