Monday, March 23, 2009


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This evening was the children's open evening and I managed to secure a convenient time slot which meant I didn't have to book a holiday.

Went to my son's teacher first and she was really encouraged by his development. She said that he was very practical, creative and was a great character in the classroom, he's handwriting was the main area where he needs to improve.

Largely due to the lack of spacing between words making his text look like one word sentences! :)

We discussed extra-curricular work and I also want to look into securing a keyboard for his classroom that features both upper/lowercase as his teacher said that would prove beneficial. Anyone have any suggestions?

Next was my daughter's teacher and straight away she spoke about how she was really impressed with her progress. She detailed that her class were a 'split' consisting of both third and fourth year students and that my daughter was developing well in this environment. Already she has reached her end of year targets for many of her key areas which is positive as we're only in March.

I'm really impressed with the progress that they are both making with their school work. The teachers provided positive feedback and detailed areas for improvement that can be worked on at home!
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