Friday, March 13, 2009

Keep It Together

Holding HandsImage by WolfS♡ul via Flickr

Another working week concludes and it was a relief that today the call volume had eased following the problems experienced due to an apparent Microsoft Update. The resolution in place appears to have resolved the issue although unsure how this will be addressed going forward and whether we will release an update ourselves.

With the weekend upon us the chances are that more customers will identify the issue and these will escalate through to my department early Monday. Next week should be busier than usual anyway as we're running a succession of advertisement starting this Sunday.

Whether the adverts will prove to be successful remains to be seen especially as similar marketing campaigns have fallen short of expectations!

Was expecting to have my children stay at my parents this evening but that didn't materialise as instead they will be staying with their mother. I haven't seen them this week due to Wednesday their mother being unwell and because I'm still without a car. Have to make sure that next week we do something extra special!

The plan this weekend is to head into London to browse the shops for gadgets and clothing. With all the children staying with their Grandparents this will be our first weekend without them for a while so hopefully will be able to have some quality time together...

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