Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Night a DJ...

Topman CtrlImage by joedawson via Flickr

On Wednesday 25th March I went to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen to the Metronomy hosted Topman CTRL event. CTRL is the brand new music series from Topman. Each month they invite a new band to take charge of Topman CTRL. The controller programs the gig and gives complete access to their musical world through a dedicated blog.

Originally I had intended to attend with my partner but unfortunately she was unable to accompany me for the evening so I decided to venture over alone to experience the night. Metronomy have a very addictive sound to their music so I was intrigued to experience them live.

Whilst I queued to enter the live area in Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen I ran into a work colleague which meant I wasn't going to be alone for the gig. He was there with his flat mate, a writer for a music magazine who was there with the band. Result!! I only managed to listen through the sets from Koko Von Napoo, Your Twenties and Kamerakino so missed out on the Metronomy DJ Set. This was largely due to work the next morning and because I was worried I would miss the final train home which I managed to anyway! I really enjoyed what I saw and will definitely make sure to attend future CTRL events in London. Next time hopefully the event will take place at the weekend and also enable my partner to attend as well :)
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