Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Packed With Goodness

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Preparing for the future and not knowing what's around the corner is difficult especially when you have a family. I have wrote many times about the economic downturn and count myself fortunate to be able to consider my position relatively secure. That said I still feel the pressure and worry when there are quiet periods at work.

Thankfully being a parent it's great because the children allow you to relax and disconnect from the 9 - 5. They're oblivious to the credit crunch as for all they know it could be a breakfast cereal or the latest yoghurt from Muller. Ideally I would love to spend every moment with them but I don't have that luxury so the time I get to spend with them I appreciate more.

Here are some of the latest and greatest masterpieces that were presented to me this week:

Tuesday evening I arrived home from work and this is a perfect representation of my average day. Dressed completely in blue and standing proud I can only imagine that the pink ribbons represent my journey to work on the train as it's usually a blur :)


With Mothering Sunday approaching my son decided to design me a special card featuring flowers on the front and inside. Whether that's an indication of how he perceives his father I don't know but it's really appreciated. With assistance from the eldest the message indicates that no matter how long we play football he always has the energy to keep on playing "Like to play"


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