Sunday, March 15, 2009

Excellent Customer Service

Loic at his workspace (Seesmic) - 4132.jpgImage by David Sifry via Flickr

Maintaining a good relationship with customers can be a difficult task and increasingly brands are turning to Twitter to listen and interact. The microblogging service provides the opportunity to listen to what customers are saying about their brands, and to respond.

Keeping customers happy ensures that they will come back in the future and encourages them to sell the merits to their friends, relations and colleagues. Providing an excellent customer service is the most effective way to strengthen your brand.

For example today Seesmic launched their Facebook desktop client and I was interested to see the potential so decided to install the application. Based on the technology behind Twhirl, Seesmic for Facebook lets you keep track of your friend's Facebook status and easily update your own.

I installed the application and logged in with my Facebook account and was impressed with the functionality. I have been trying to convince my partner of the benefits available using a desktop client for a while and considered this to be the ideal opportunity. Due to the Seesmic client being a preview version though the ability to log out wasn't available. Through Twitter I was able to reach out to Loic Le Meur the founder and he responded to my query from SXSW:

Twitter makes it easy for customers to get in touch with brands and
being friendly and polite in dealings with customers builds a strong relationship. Ensuring they feel valued by the business and that their complaints or views are genuinely taken into consideration. Transparency is definitely the future for business and Twitter can play a key role!

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