Friday, March 20, 2009

If It's Not Broken...

Facebook's new homepage features a login form ...Image via Wikipedia

Not impressed with the new Facebook homepage, you're not alone as an application asking you to vote for or against the new layout is generating a lot of interest. Facebook users are very protective over changes to the design of the social networking site. The last update generated a lot of backlash and more recently the Terms of Service update received significant coverage before it was reverted to the previous version following widespread criticism.

The application is polling users on the updated homepage and currently 94% of users don't like the redesign. Although that's a significant number, coming from a Customer Service background I would say it's rare someone contacts us directly to state that they admire the service. Generally people only look to raise their opinion when there's a genuine problem, I really rate the improvements but that doesn't mean I'm going to install this application.

What's your view on the redesign?

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