Sunday, March 08, 2009

Make Your Mark

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There has been a lot of activity this weekend regarding Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg using the microblogging service Twitter. It's widely acknowledged that Facebook attempted to purchase Twitter recently so there is a lot of speculation circulating over his activity on a rival service. Eric Eldon has details on VentureBeat with a post titled Try before you buy? Zuckerberg has a public Twitter account which has background.
Twitter’s real-time, open search capability is one of the features that Facebook seems intent on redesigning its site around.
Following on from the Facebook press conference last week where they announced further updates to the site design and direction of the social network there is a lot of speculation. Recently the social networking site opened the Facebook API allowing applications access to all of a user's status, links, and notes making the platform more like Twitter. Following Mark Zuckerberg's (@finkd) activity on Twitter you will notice that he has been using TweetDeck to update which has further prompted widespread speculation.

So why is the Facebook CEO using the microblogging service? Facebook functionality about to be introduced through TweetDeck? Thoughts on Facebook opening the walled garden?

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