Wednesday, May 09, 2007

That's why you're Champions

So onto a game that a few weeks before had been billed as a real contest, tonight it was nothing like that. A fitting song for Man Utd rang out from the Matthew Harding stand after another 'decision' by Graham Poll. I fail to see why he still gets the big matches or any match at all as he seems to just be diva-esque and want to influence the game in more ways than one. Oh well whatever happened in this game wouldn't have changed anything so a goal less draw was probably a decent result even if we did press for the victory a lot more than them. On we roll to the final games now before the season finishes completely. After football crashed out and watched CSI and I am well into this at the moment. I have become my parents as they watch it religiously and I too have now caught the bug. No idea why Five fail to have them in any order though grrr. Who was the Miniature Killer ?!!??!