Tuesday, May 08, 2007

curtain culled

With the Premiership decided tomorrow's match with Chelsea facing Man Utd doesn't look as exciting. Disappointing that we couldn't get the winner at Arsenal as ten men Chelsea played much better than the Gooners in the 2nd Half. My friend at work said it showed Arsenal's season when they were cheering their last home game as a draw like it was a great result. What I find interesting is that now it's all settled the talk has switched from the matches to the transfer window.

Any one of this trio would be a great acquisition.

Not sure who I would most like to see a Blue next season, wouldn't mind Berbatov as he has played well and Kaka also but I think he will stay with Milan a while longer. Then there's always Ronaldinho who has had a quiet season I feel. For a striker with much said about Villa I wasn't impressed by him in the Champions League so maybe if anyone the part-ex deal swapping Sheva for Eto'o may be good but then again surely the player is worth another season. Oh well with us needing to spend to improve and mount a challenge from now until the start of the 2007/2008 season it's going to be a buzz of activity