Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The first rule of fight club

Do not talk about it, huh !! This has taken on a new meaning for me, bundled with feeling hormonal at the moment and pow! Man the stations haha!! Think I am about to get my first period, what am I to do I need someone to advise me haha. In all fairness though I don't feel invincible I feel annoyed with money. I know I am never going to earn as much as I would like but still I want to do more than what I am.

It's difficult as feel that with every route I want to take there are multiple paths. Maybe I am thinking too much? Is this what happens when men have periods? Is this a normal thought for a guy to have, no idea! What I know though is that I want to please and it's not going how I want. It's working out but not fast enough. I love my girl, she is me and I love that she shares a similar stance. Things have changed a lot for me in the last six months and I expect they will change even more by the end of the year.

Had a nightmare journey home today as there was a fire near London Bridge which caused multiple station closures and chaos. Luckily for me I headed out on the DLR and got a lift home with my mum. Wasn't too late to see my children who were in a playful mood. They're growing so fast now and my boy is talking a lot better. Well on my case whenever we are together which makes me proud. My daughter has lost her tooth as well so was winding her up that she looked like Fiona from Shrek haha. While they were round I watched a little match called the Champions League final which was reasonable but didn't live up to the hype. Still though if you are an AC Milan fan I doubt you will be doing much complaining !!