Monday, May 21, 2007


Bit of a dull start to the week today as weather isn't too great and I well couldn't be bothered this morning. Made it into work though and quickly switched into routine. Was a decent start with work as felt well motivated and wanted to whip out my lycra and get everyone spirits a boost. Decided against doing that though as the lycra is at the Dry Cleaners. The news is still dominated with the little girl that was abducted and it's very sad that this has gone on so long. I really feel for the parents as it's everyone's worst nightmare something like this occurring to them.

In other news the Cutty Sark was cooked today and it's left looking like a rack of spare ribs as it's looking in a proper bad way. I've been looking into our Disneyland Paris break today and been led around the houses with the websites with conflicting prices. I will get there in the end though. Miss my children today a lot as I was looking at pictures of them here and wish that I could go home of a night and see their smiley faces and listen to their stories. One day hopefully they will live with me. Until then though my night is going to consist of Project Runway and 28 Weeks Later. Get out of my way hahaha !!