Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A lesson learnt

If you happened to watch the match between Man Utd and AC Milan tonight then you were privileged to watch a lesson in greatness. I really expected Man Utd to progress and there to be an all English Champions League Final. Without a doubt I think that Man Utd have played the best football this season and deserve their place at the top of the Premiership table. Tonight though it was a different story, AC Milan hadn't read the script about the all-English final. They were out to book their place in Athens and revenge against Liverpool who came back two seasons ago to ruin their party. Some quality play and in this form I can't see many that would rival them. Kaka and Seedorf were awesome and Gennaro Gattuso not only has a tough name he knows how to play as well. Looking forward to the 23rd May now as although Chelsea aren't there it should be a cracking game.
Had my children tonight which was good as haven't seen them in nearly a fortnight. We played football in the garden for a while and then drew some cards for my sister who's birthday it is Friday. Tried getting my boy to write his name but he lost interest saying that the straps were too tight and that he had a bellyache. No idea what he was on about to be honest as he wasn't in any kind of harness haha. Just settling down now waiting for their mother to collect them...