Thursday, May 03, 2007

Are you not entertained !!!

Had a laugh over the football yesterday, it's great watching a match between two strong teams that are neutral as you can just enjoy the game instead of sitting there nervous. Gattuso is the man and had a laugh vocally visualising what he was saying to people on the pitch and his confrontation with Paul Scholes. Are you not entertained haha ?? Anyway had drama from their mother last night, she had clearly had a few drinks when I spoke to her asking what time she would be home. Got the usual abuse about how bad a parent I am and that I don't see my children enough. The strange thing here is that she prevents me seeing them, I can't ever plan anything in advance as I never know what person I am going to speak to on the phone due to her constant attitude changes.

We eventually dropped the children to her after much debate about my integrity and how much I need to get a life. Which to me is very boring now as from the amount I have written here it's not like nothing goes on in my life. Onto this evening and I phoned to check in on my children and spoke to the boy. Mentioned to him that I would like to take him to see Spiderman 3 and he was well chuffed. Spoke to my daughter and was disappointed to learn from her that neither of them had been to school. So the price to pay for Man Utd getting knocked out of the Champions League is not only a late night for my children but a likely a hangover from a late night by someone who should look closer to home before passing judgement. And you may ask why I don't challenge their mother over this, well that's because it could prove costly in me not seeing them for another ten days grrr...