Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yeah but... No but

Stayed at my mums last night as after watching the Champions League final it was too late to head over to my girls. Sleeping on the sofa is long and got to thinking about a lot of things. Maybe my life isn't as clear cut as I thought. I sense danger... Anyway waking up at my mums was a reminder of what was and that I shouldn't rest on my laurels. Things can change in an instant as I well know but one thing that doesn't change is the queue to have a shower at my mums. Oh well I'm just the smelly kid as didn't get around to having a shower this morning. Looking forward to a bed tonight and crashing out with my girl. My Liverpool friends at work so far have been quiet, I haven't really been on the wind up as I know how I would feel had Chelsea made it so far only to be knocked out. Until the next time I guess..