Thursday, May 10, 2007

Give me strength

So tonight I headed to my parents house after work under the impression that I would be seeing my children. I am never overly confident though as I never know what their mother will try and pull as lately it just seems like every week there is something new that bugs her. My main anger with her is seeing the children, she will say that I can see them get annoyed about something and then say that I can't be bothered.

At times it's like she argues with herself. Anyway I don't want to be seen to be running her down here but having travelled over to see them and then be denied, laughed at down the phone and insulted it does wind me up. It leaves me scratching my head over what this achieves and what the long term of it is. Oh well I suppose it's just a case of what version of her I speak to next over the access I am allowed. If only she did just have a Jekyll and Hyde personality then at least it would only be two characters I would be having to contend with !!