Sunday, May 06, 2007

I need a spider sense

Felt better today and having failed in my quest to see Spiderman 3 yesterday due to being out of the game with being ill. Today was my attempt in getting to see the movie but it was also the day where I wasn't on the right page. A mix up over my wallet and then drama before heading off on an unnecessary strop which I do admit wasn't called for but then again this is my children's mother at the centre of everything again. Anyway disregarding her as her attitude isn't worth the writing space here to be honest. Met my children at Bexleyheath and the downside of it was that the cinema had sold out for the next four hours which was well annoying

Decided instead to pick up a DVD and a Spiderman toy for my boy which he seemed chuffed with when he choose it but in heading to the checkout we passed a lot more goodies I could also see he had his eye on. In arriving back at my girl's house the children got to playing and we crashed out and I managed to watch the football which was not the plan but even though the title has now been decided and heading to Old Trafford I am well loving the team spirit and expect an instant turn around next season as we will be stronger.

Feel knackered now and having been feeling rough having my children was an adventure. Still looks like someone's more worn out than us...