Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May day

Not really sure what happened today, there I was at one point getting my hair cut after work having met my girl there to have a look around the shops. Ah that's right there was an important match taking place, one that would have a bearing on the season. I didn't really forget about the match I mean how could anyone ?? Then again watching it tonight I am sure that there were players that clearly didn't know where they were. Okay Anfield hasn't been a good ground for us but having taken a 1-0 advantage all it would take is one goal to practically secure our place in the final. It wasn't to be and Chelsea were eventually undone by penalties.

Any positives from the game, I don't think so as it was a lacklustre performance. A hard season I admit as we have played more games than anyone else but that isn't an excuse. I love my girl as although she doesn't really follow football she sat through it with me first in a bar and then at a table watching it while having a meal. It was a disappointment, and felt more due to the amount of Liverpool fans there cheering. It's like watching England again watching Chelsea in the Champions League. The nearly men. I suppose I am just annoyed, really felt it was our chance this time but hey what next ?? Will it be Mourinho come August or will it be the Kaiser in the form of Klinsman? With no Premiership title and out of the Champions League will the hierachy think it's time for a change in direction? We will find out over the coming months I am sure !!