Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Real man

Returning to work after a Bank Holiday is always long as having a few days to relax have fun is always a chore. I made it in though and returning home I had some fairly good news as my brother has sorted me out a car and I should be heading over to see him tomorrow to have a look and maybe pick it up.

Mine and my girls night didn't consist of too much as we just relaxed in front of the TV and messed around with facebook uploading some new applications. We then got to talking and she mentioned that I am very feminine which got my back up a little so I decided to act like a caveman and go hunting in the garden for a fox for us to eat. In closing the door behind me I heard the keys go and a loud laugh. She had locked me out in the cold haha. Teaches me a lesson and after a brief hunt around her garden to return empty handed I came back her hero !!