Saturday, May 26, 2007

That sinking feeling

So today was the first day of my sons swimming, we got a lift over to the Baths and then got him into his lesson and got to swimming ourselves. My boy was good as I could see that he was nervous but he marched straight in and got on with his lesson. Leaving us to re-educate ourselves on how to swim. After his lesson he got some white swimming cap that made him look like a torpedo. Was well funny seeing him dash about.

We stopped at my mums for a pit stop afterwards and then headed out for what eventually turned out to be a downer of a day. It wasn't just the weather that was washed up though as I think everyone was on a knife edge. We did a body count around evening so we were all still alive and after a game of who can headstand up the wall the longest we are settling down to watch Harry Potter !!