Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bigger pictures in smaller rooms !!

Wednesday has become children day for me and my partner as her daughters father comes to see the baby and I go to my mums house to see my two children. It can be a difficult situation, her more so than mine as her daughters father comes to her house with his family. I feel a little like the other man at times as I am involved but I am not mentioned which I totally respect as I shouldn't be a factor. Now that our relationship has progressed on, the future is a talking point a lot as I want to make plans because I love my girl. It's hard though keeping everyone happy who is involved in our extended families. I am prepared to work hard though and although the emotional burden is there hopefully understanding will prevail. I can't comment on the father or his family but with my scenario it was frustrating to learn tonight that I wouldn't be seeing my two children that evening.

Annoyed but it gave me the opportunity to go and check out the car that my brother has managed to sort out for me. I didn't take it for a test drive but had a look around and it seems reasonable and it's cheap as well which is convenient at the moment as want to get on the road teach my girl to drive and then get a better car. With SatNav after the events from the weekend haha.