Saturday, July 14, 2007


With my girl and her friends heading to Bluewater I decided that me and my children should do battle in the woods. An intense battle was arranged with Good versus Evil in the Showdown to end them all. It was going to be a battle between the Biker Kid and Skipping Girl facing off against their evil nemesis Dr. Pasta!!!!

The pasta didn't last long and it wasn't very photogenic as anyone who has tried taking photos of Pasta will likely tell you. We had fun on our walk around and it wasn't long until I was lumbered with the motorbike which I didn't mind and was the real reason behind me choosing Pasta as my weapon of choice. There we were ducking and diving through bushes until we discovered something that would keep us occupied for a while. Am I a good parent, if you have a weak heart then checking the below pictures will probably have you leaning towards the quick dial for NSPCC but hey my children loved it!

We hang out and we swang out for a while before we lurked off to find more. And more we found as we came across something I devised to be a Haunted House and were my children scared. No way they were quicker than me trying to find a way to the building. Didn't work too well though so we headed off home to meet up with my girl and the rest of the crowd. Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, our one day of summer. Can't wait!!