Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My test this morning went alright, I was really nervous as this is the first role I have really gone for but I am feeling confident now. The position involved me having an MCSE or equivalent but the person from the agency said that was irrelevant as I had good experience. The test went well and I understood the terminology but I knew there were a few things I weren't too fresh on but I still got two thirds of the questions right. Oh yeah!! Anyway after this I headed back to my girls to the world of no car and headed to Bluewater. It took us the best part of three hours, the direct bus was not good as he didn't accept Oyster and we had no change.

Off to another bus station then. Having trekked here we hoped to be off quick, the bus arrived and as we were sorting out our Oyster cards he drove off grrr. Well we got it sorted in the end and the bus journey took an age. We had some good laughs though, namely me getting my jeans wet as someone was trying to give the Pup a drink. Oh yes she came with us in her new Diva bag haha!!

For some reason I was the flavour of the day as everyone was striking up conversation. I don't hold back either so had chats about tattoos, the clothes I was wearing and also about the Puppy. Felt like a celebrity and by the end of the afternoon I was working it like one as well haha. We decided to crash out in TGI's and then we had to suffer the wrath of the Hand. The Hand was a good laugh but I managed to run the joke into the ground and then decided to bid the Hand farewell until another day. The journey home was just as long as the one getting us there but at least more direct. Had two cars sorted today but both ended up being sold which was a disappointment so it's back to the drawing board and also a possible trip to a Car Dealer in Eltham. Here we are now entertain us!!!