Sunday, July 08, 2007

Changing of the guard

After a hectic morning of trying to arrange for a day out that would be an adventure we eventually decided to head to Bluewater. This was mainly to pick up new shoes and uncertainties over the money situation. After sorting out the car, insurance and tax I need pay day, actually I need a new car. Fed up with mine a little already, it's a good runner but after having two new cars previously this feels a step backwards. Plus I worry about what may have happened to the car previously, at least with a new car it's the latest technology and you are the first person behind the wheel. The plan is though to get my girl driving and then get a convertible Beetle for us to drive around in. Oh I can't wait!!

At Bluewater we searched around for a while and then picked up some shoes before grabbing something to eat. Then came an encounter that was not really in the ideal situation as my girl's babies father was there with his brother and a friend. Although it was an awkward situation he shook my hand. My children were fidgeting about, my boy getting right into the action having a nose and my daughter hiding behind me. It went alright though, I was not bothered though as it had no reason not to go well. His family shouldn't have a problem with me, although I may represent a parent figure being around her everyday I am not the Father. Still the situation made me feel a little hollow regardless.

Watched the Wimbledon final and what an epic finale it was, can't wait until Federer and Nadal meet next as the matches are getting closer and closer. After Hamilton's storm to pole yesterday he managed to finish third which I still think is exceptional considering he is a rookie and that is now his ninth podium. Dropped my children off to their mother after and I am a little concerned, she had marks on her face and she was upset. Made me feel awkward dropping the children off to her in that way and never can be 100% sure of her side of the story from past experiences. Hope that she isn't in a worse situation to what she makes out though. Even though we don't get on I don't want my children to be in an uncomfortable environment. They had enough of that when me and her were together!!!