Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm calm, seriously!

I am losing my marbles officially, was running late this morning and decided to drive my car down to the station. What are the chances of something going wrong on the off chance of one day parked down a side road. That isn't the attitude Mr. Joe as there is every chance of it going wrong. After a fairly reasonable day at work I headed back to my girls and walked along to pick up the car. Cue psycho piano music playing as I walk around the corner to find a clamp on the wheel. The plan for the evening was to go for a drive somewhere now I am thinking that I wish I could drive something into the person behind the clamping.

Admittedly I am in the wrong as the vehicle isn't displaying a tax disc but it's taxed it's just taken so long for me to receive the disc. I wish I knew about this before making the stupid decision to drive. Anyway headed to my girls, wrote out a note after contacting Bromley council and headed back to the car. On my way trying to make a call I bumped into some friendly annoying children who tried to block my path. Not happening I was like a bowling ball and strike, you are out of there kiddo's. Left my note in the window and headed home for some meditation haha!!