Thursday, July 12, 2007

All aboard!!

So last night we headed out to Chatham again to pick up the latest addition to our family; a little Terrier. We got there in quick time and then waited for the people to arrive with the puppy. After collecting him we grabbed a bite to eat and introduced the puppy to the baby. She was loving her and calling her Baby, well at least she had decided on a name as me and my girl were still undecided. After waiting for the train and arriving back at my girls we were walking home and the Puppy threw up. Now if it were a Male Pup it would so have been called Stan here after the character in South Park who throws up haha. Instead I think we will probably name her Coco as that sounds alright we think although it still doesn't inspire. Quick update on the car and I have raised an issue with the Police, the car is in a sense missing as no one seems to know where it's gone. Got a crime reference number and hopefully will have an update soon on the 'Stolen' vehicle!!