Friday, July 06, 2007

It doesn't rain it pours

Not sure what was going on today but I am going to conclude that anything that could go wrong did. Firstly trying to explain to my children's mother that I had plans for the evening wasn't being interpreted too well. I tried to find an alternative but it just wasn't happening. With most of my family in Turkey there was going to be no easy solution. Feeling under it a little myself as well which I won't go into but it's got me on a proper tilt and I feel on a downer. Trying to find the answers all the time is proving a task that even I can't do at times. That won't stop me trying though!

Me and my girl clashed over this as well and although I always try to do things with her in mind she doesn't always see it that way. It does prove frustrating as I want her to see that I am strong but there just aren't enough hours in the week anymore. Early afternoon I found out that my Grandad was in hospital and he had taken a turn for the worse. I phoned the hospital and spoke to one of my Aunts and she was really upset. I relayed what I knew to Turkey and gave them contact information for the hospital.

Journey home was the real blow, not only did I have to speak to my children's hysterical mother but she put my children on the phone in tears. This is not fair but I can't just hang up on my children otherwise what kind of person does that make me. I calmed them both down, promising to go Swimming with my boy and try and find a new fan for my daughter as hers got broken. Although their mother was still highly critical of me as a Father that hurdle seemed to be okay. Then some sad news with the next call and my Grandad had past away a few minutes earlier. Always difficult news being broken like that without being on a crowded train with no where to turn.

After the train journey I headed to my girls and she had arranged for us to go cinema after everything else that had gone on. Amazingly this is our first real date as usually we meet up with other people. Things with her didn't seem to be going well either though and although I know I say the wrong thing at times I felt she was guilty of that few times last night. Which leaves me now wondering what the dice will roll for me next....