Monday, July 23, 2007

A turn in fortunes

Today was a good day, everything seemed to run smoothly and enjoyed some luck. Managed to get accepted on car finance, even though I am a little hesitant getting credit I would prefer to get a newer and safer car. Not going to purchase straight from the showroom but looking about me and my girl have come across some proper bargains. It's just finding a suitable car at the moment and although there are a few possibilities we are still undecided. My girl sorted out her bank charges as well which is something that I have to do and will hopefully mean us getting some cash back from those scheming banks. Sorted out some rent money and also paid the car crash person who seemed really bad taking the money from me and said I had been great in sorting it all out for him. Finally I have posted some pictures of the puppy who we have named Kitty. Just think Boo and Sully and also because it sounds funny calling a dog a cats name. From the pictures you can see she is settling in just fine, just a little Pacman at the moment haha!!