Friday, July 27, 2007

A Game

Today was a busy day at work which I didn't get going too well as needed to head to Holborn first thing but was running late as had to clean up some presents from the puppy. Decided to head to work to sort out some calendar bookings and leave the rest to another colleague. Work was on the pulse today as lots going on and had to work through quite a few calls. Got the usual Friday call from my children wanting to speak to me. I do love talking to them and having a laugh but I know that the agenda was just their mother looking for me to have them for the whole weekend again. As much as I love seeing them and having them with me, it leaves little time for me to spend time with my girl. Anyway due to people leaving work, the plan was to have drinks and head to Hoxton. I had dinner set out so wasn't looking to stay too long but wanted to bid farewell to someone on my team who I have shared some good laughs with over the last seven months.

We were treated by my company to drinks but in the form of a voucher, I figured that where my muslim friends didn't drink alcohol that they could spare me their vouchers and I would by them some soft drinks. Game on! Was soon knocking back the drinks and on a wind up as you can see from the pictures taken. The thing here was that it was all about the A Game and my friends looking for wife material with the Finance Main Player and the Heartbreak Guru well and truly on the case. Lock up your daughters!!

It was a good night which got even better with the arrival with what appeared to be Dennis Rodman causing dramas and knocking over some plants outside the pub.

Just like Cinderella though I had to shoot off quickly as needed to catch my trains and be home in time for dinner. Ran a little late though and after a certain time in the evening the trains stop running so frequently. This was that time and I was left waiting around for ages before heading to my girls and for dinner and to start watching Hairspray!!!