Monday, July 16, 2007

Sofa so far!

This is the movie me and my girl watched last night and I recommend it as well, proper worth watching. Scared the life out of her, you could almost smell that fear hahaha. Instead of popcorn we settled for microwaved Mars bar, Flapjacks and cups of Tea. Elegant living doesn't get much better than this I tell you. We were like movie buffs and if I were to review it I would give it 4/5. That's because it kind of jumps straight into him staying in the room with no background but all is revealed anyway.

Today tried to report the car stolen to my insurer but had to speak to the broker who said my details should be available with the insurer. Spoke to the insurer and they said that the broker hadn't set everything up properly. Running around the houses is fun, it keeps me fit I tell you. This is to be rolled on to tomorrow where I'll have to call around again. Have a meeting tomorrow as well, oh what fun! Have so many of these lately I may as well switch my office chair for a sofa. Suppose it gets me out of work though but then with everyone set to leave soon I know that I am going to end up snowed under with a lot of projects. Time for me to jump ship I think so hopefully I will get a 'Land Ahoy' soon from a prospective company interested in what I can offer!!