Saturday, July 07, 2007

Still raining

It's still raining even though there is sun. Today continued on from where yesterday left off which was exactly what I needed. Was going for a meal with my girl and and her family but as I wanted to watch my boy in his swimming lesson it created an issue. This is where I am wishing I had more time due to the overlap of things although I felt I had more than enough time to get to him and back. The fall out from this was not fun at all and the events that followed were frustrating to say the least.

My great week was rounded off by me having a crash in the car. Nothing too serious but I just couldn't be bothered. The crash wasn't that serious but I'll likely settle outside of my insurance to keep my premium down and also because it wasn't too much damage, just bumper to bumper. It's true what they say about things coming in three's though. Finished the day with some gardening and then watched a movie, as you do !!