Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She loves me

Loves of drama with the car at the moment, managed to track it down after hours on the phone. According to a Car Pound they had picked it up, actually they didn't but did they. That's the easy breakdown as trust me I have a twist in my brain now. They admitted to clamping the vehicle but told me that as they released the clamp someone drove off in it. Doesn't sound very truthful to me as what's that about. Why would they not challenge the supposed person for the clamp fee. Ah actually they had no idea again and had to speak to someone else then check the yard to see if it had been brought in. Now the thing is regardless of where it's ended up no contact details were left over who I should call and even though I raised an issue with Bromley council they still took the vehicle. So anyway speaking to the person they now reckon someone else may have picked up the vehicle even though it was clamped by them. Making sense yet, me neither so I have reported it to the Police and still have no idea where the car is. It doesn't matter though as my girl loves me, just look at her affectionate look at me above !!