Saturday, July 28, 2007

London Calling...

Decided for something to do today we would go into Central London and see where the mood would take us. Maybe to a park or to the shops or to take in some sites. We decided that we would go to Piccadilly and check out some of the stores. The journey was a lot of fun, well for me and my girl anyway as we got to posing and setting a standard for the afternoon. It was like the introduction to something like Mission Impossible though with the music and the fuse burning down as I hadn't charged my phone so we only had a limited amount of battery before I would run out.

The tube was funny as I got my children well concerned by trying to get them to put on their seat belts. They rummaged about briefly before looking to me and in pretend symbolising putting a seat belt over them. The journey was quick and we soon descended on to the streets with a lean and London faces in gear. It was like a stampede around Trocadero so we went in for a look around but where we were hungry instead of bowling we headed to McDonalds where we weren't impressed with the lack of seating. I managed to drop a drink as well but it ended well and we chilled out on the seats. The Puppy was looking a little flustered but we gave her some water and she soon chilled out. I think in future though we won't bring her along as it's a long day for her.
After our McDonalds we decided that Carnaby Street was the one, and as luck turned out there was a Green where we were able to let the dog out to stretch her legs. Picked up a coffee and headed to the store that sells BBC clothes, Pharrell's clothing that is not the British Broadcasting Corporation haha. Then we checked out a few more stores and tried on some sunglasses before heading on to Hamleys.

I love Hamleys and no matter how old you are if you don't have fun in here then you are a total bore. Sadly my battery ran out but plan B was my girls camera which we took some wicked photos with of us wearing accessories. I will update later!! Journey home was long but then again when is it ever straight forward!!