Thursday, July 26, 2007

But smart old blue, he took the milky way!

Oh no! The Bridge has gone! Old red can't carry on! But smart old blue, he took the milky way! I want the Milkyway, looking for a decent car is proving to be a chore, then so was scrapping the barrel so the reward of finding a decent motor will be good. So much that I am willing to coat myself in milk chocolate and declare that Milkybars are well and truly on me. Stand back there's potential coming through in the form of a potential car buyer heading to Eltham. Arrived there after work to have a look at what was available at a car dealers there. Wasn't too impressed with what I saw available anyway as there didn't seem to be much on show. Decided to head back and jumped on the first bus which headed locally. As usual my adventures are never plain sailing as once I got to the end of this bus journey to get on a connecting bus I missed them both. Decided to take a short cut and ended up on a long one but made it home for a delicious dinner and to resume my search online for a car!!!