Friday, July 13, 2007

So the 13th is today

Having had an unfortunate week, I figured with today being associated with bad luck it would be a nightmare. It's been quite good actually although kind of got my son into trouble with his mother. Got a call on my lunch break from him wanting a chat and he was asking if my car was found. Still no joy which I relayed to him. He was disappointed and then said he wanted to see me! I said that was cool and for him to get some money for a travelcard from his mum and to come and join me at work.

I said I had some jobs for him and he could get a train and help me out. Sweet I'm sure he thought as he gave the phone to his mum and in a rush was off for me. Luckily not much escapes her and he received a slap. I am a bad guy!! Didn't mean for that too happen but also didn't expect him to make a run for it. Anyway will be seeing him tonight as him and my daughter will be staying with us for the weekend as it's their mothers birthday and she is having a weekend doing whatever she does. We hope to have a good weekend as well and I have the feeling, we will !!