Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't Mind Me

In case you're looking closely at the photos and wondering about there authenticity, you are right it's not Vampire Weekend playing at the Forum! In fact it's not even the support band as it's a group playing above a bar that I happened upon by chance.

Our travel to the venue was eventful but my night really started once we made our way out of the tube station. 'Tickets, buy or sell' became my theme for the night. Staying true to the amount I had set myself I soon found that none of the touts were prepared to send anything in my direction. Deciding to up the ante with my price at least they were prepared to now have a conversation but after walking back and forth and trying to charm a cheap ticket they soon became hard to come by so I made my way to a bar playing live music.

It wasn't bad but it also wasn't Vampire Weekend so after a couple of songs I made my way back to the venue, through the smoking area as security weren't watching and into the Forum. Result! Although I only managed to catch the final four songs, Oxford Comma FTW and a great cover of Everywhere but it was well worth it and at least I didn't throw money away to a ticket tout. That said I wish I had paid the money because from what I saw they were amazing live and so were the crowd vibing to the music. I will make sure that next time I book well in advance because I don't want to be caught out in the cold again! Managed to take a couple of photos from the concert and I have added them to the event Flickr slideshow. Some good photos available there as well!

After the Vampire Weekend concert we headed to Temple, here we met up with some friends at a Uni bar and the music played here was enough to convince me to return again. They played a great variety of songs and artists that I listen to regularly on my iPod so I was able to let out a serious bag of shapes on the dance floor. There were all sorts of creatures of the night there including a Russell Brand clone who must have taken ages doing his hair. When I return here I will remember to get the name of the place and also take some photos, there are some on Facebook circulating and I expect more will surface over time!