Sunday, October 12, 2008

It takes two...

Google MapsImage by aburt via FlickrMy children are growing up too fast and it's annoying as I have such limited time with them. This weekend they stayed with me but I was double-booked so they stayed at my parents both nights. On Friday night I had arranged to travel into London to meet my partner and her friend after the Ting Tings concert at the Forum. Navigating with Google Maps on my phone is to put it bluntly DANGEROUS! Will not be trying that anytime again soon! Anyway I arrived well before the concert eventually finished so as I had tuned into Annie Mac on Radio 1 I listened and waited for the concert to end. Must say I am well feeling the Worm and also Nerdstep which were played during the show. They eventually appeared and in several minds we finally arrived at McDonald's and headed back to home.

Saturday touched down at Dawson studios residence early and after the usual fandango, my Son scored two goals and my daughter went off to Pony Club to save the World. The last time my Son scored a couple England went on to win by a margin and that was to be the order of play for the Three Lions as we rolled Kazakhstan over 5-1, not feeling the booing for Ashley Cole as he made a mistake to pave the way for their strike. Why?! Leaving the children for the second night in a row I went out to celebrate my friend's 30th. The night was a great laugh some of my friends are the best dancers ever. I came home early wanting to rise for the Formula One.

Watching the race [twice] it was eventful but not worth the early wake up as it was a bad race for Lewis Hamilton. Not only did he flat-spot his tyre into the first corner, he also had a collision with Massa which led to him having to let the whole field pass, received a drive-through penalty and had to pit due to the damage to his car. All this in the opening few laps, Massa received a drive-through penalty as well but he was able to recover leaving Lewis well out of contention and Alonso to win his second GP in a row.

My children had a birthday party in the afternoon so after making them beautiful they went off leaving me to evaluate the race with my brother before collecting them and taking them back to their mother. We so need more bank holidays as feel like I am spending more time at work lately and not enjoying the quality time enough when with those that matter! Now cloning that would work...

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