Friday, October 24, 2008

I am Samson

'Samson and Delilah,' by TintorettoImage via WikipediaThankfully it wasn't Delilah that cut my hair tonight as I didn't really want to lose all of my strength but I do feel slightly different. I decided that I would have a drastic cut as pre-cut it was getting dangerous, always blowing across my face and obscuring my vision. It's any wonder how I haven't run someone over, walked off the platform into the path of a train or ended up a tree somewhere.

After searching through multiple images I finally selected a cross somewhere between Pete Wentz and Zac Effron. Arriving at the salon, I felt as though I had completed a homework assignment as I produced several images that I had printed out as examples and then gave my presentation. If only I had produced a laptop build and brought over a PowerPoint presentation... Too extreme but the way I see it is that your hair says a lot about you as a person because if you don't make the effort it is going to be on show. Images are currently visible on my Daily Mugshot profile and with Saturday night out with friends you will see a few more photo's filter through I expect!

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