Friday, October 10, 2008

Will Code For Food!

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via WikipediaMany bloggers are signalling the end of the Web 2.0 era, the doom and gloom of the economy, the worries about funding, fail rate, cutting staff etc. The evolution of the web, the most recent boom of the Internet which has brought around some great innovation is it really the end?
We’ll look back in later years and think of this most recent boom as the Web 2.0 period, when we were wowed by the magic of user generated content, copyright violations on a massive scale, and neat little widgety things that used Javascript and Flash to turn web pages into pretty close equivalents to the old desktop apps. Of course there were other evolutions as well. Advertising technology has advanced steadily, particularly in tailoring ads to an individuals needs, and tracking them properly. This is the period that social networking as we think of it today was born, and we’ll never be rid of it in our lifetimes - TechCrunch
There will be casualties in this economic downturn, there will also be growth and positives to learn as well! Highs and lows are naturally going to take place as part of progression and learning curve. So the Web 2.0 bubble may have burst but the Internet has evolved to a tool that many of us can't live without so the innovation will continue. Purse strings may tighten but once the ship has settled then there will always be areas for improvement!

Will code for food, definitely! On a lighter note, I finally released the blog/community pages I have been building at work to integrate with out Intranet and initial opinion is good. Although expanding the comments to cover other areas of our Intranet including the FAQ pages I think will prove to be the most practical! That way during calls our customer service department can spread details of updates and best practice to benefit the whole department!

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