Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't try this at home...

Jackass (TV series)Image via WikipediaTonight I met my children's mother as she returned from her friends with the children, she transferred the package [kids] to me and we went our separate ways. My children were in an active mood and they set the tempo for what was to be a funny night. We started with the usual playing of loud music and throwing shapes all over the front room. This was followed by building a dinosaur from an activity book that my son had and then I dazzled them with my art as I copied a picture of a T-Rex. We then watched some TV before I took them home to their mother.

Returning back to my parents I sat and watched TV with my youngest brother and sister and looked through some holiday photos. My sister's partner was going to be arriving there in the early hours as he had gone to a bar and whilst watching Jackass a plan started to formulate. This involved removing light bulbs and rearranging the whole of downstairs so that it resembled an assault course. My only hope is that I won't come down in the morning to find him in a heap on the floor ha ha!

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