Friday, October 17, 2008

Get your teeth into it..

Teeth (film)Image via WikipediaLast night I watched the movie Teeth and what a strange movie it turned out to be, the acting wasn't strong but the plot was really out there and had me flinching a few times. Not wanting to spoil the enjoyment head down to your local video rental and grab a copy, it's an experience trust me...

The majority of articles I read are from Tech sources and the industry seems to be strong with updates and improvements to sites and applications. Even with all the uncertainty surrounding the Global Markets there is always activity unfolding from the feeds I subscribe to in Google Reader.

The FriendFeed updates I wrote about yesterday and also the improvements I added to the post. Today we have Flickr, Yahoo, the usual iPhone and Android rumours and the news that Microsoft are interested in Yahoo again although I have a feeling everyone has had enough of that story from last time to warrant too much coverage.

I have only really noted the stories of interest to me but there is a lot of activity which for me shows stability. Even with all the uncertainty it doesn't look like that is affecting the industry too badly but no doubt the squeeze will be felt. In areas other than just laying off staff as it's not having a negative impact on productivity that's for show. This is the same for my company as our products look strong and I see our Credit package being stronger than ever with the way it works. Anyway, just though I would get this out there! :)

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