Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hello... hello...

FriendFeed FaviconsImage by Thomas Hawk via FlickrHaving been active on FriendFeed recently you will have seen a steady flow of updates rolled out to the masses. The development team have now just added a few new services. The site has evolved significantly since I first signed up to stream my online presence and interact with like minded people. One aspect of the site that has always left me wondering is the inclusion of Facebook as other than the application it didn't import anything.

That has all changed now as the two sites are now speaking with each other 'hello... hello...' FriendFeed now imports status updates, posted items and notes on the flip side the usually inconsistent Facebook-FriendFeed app import seems to be regularly updating from FriendFeed now. Apparently the echo chamber doesn't duplicate and I am yet to see or see anyone commenting on problems experienced. The full list of new services includes;

I am really liking Twine, it basically offers a way to keep track of your interests, collect and share bookmarks, notes, videos and other content. It learns as you use the site and suggests Twine's and people that are relevant to your interests which works well. Haven't really tried the other services yet although I am sure if there becomes a need to I will in due course!

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